AMS in 1991

AMS was founded in 1991 as Academy of Management Studies, with an idea to study the application of modern management tools & techniques in the functioning of government organisations aimed at its all-round enhancement. It was promoted by alumni of the prestigious IIM, Ahmedabad whose vision was to establish a research & consulting enterprise, which runs purely on the merits and utility of its work.

AMS Today

AMS was set up with no grant-in-aid or funding from any government body or international agency.As a well thought-out business strategy, the promoters decided to specialize in working with Government organisations. They started from the country’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh. Rather than aiming at any rapid expansion, the initial years were spent in getting an in-depth understanding of the working of government organisations. The intent was to be able to offer customized and apt management advice which was truly beneficial to the clients. The strategy has paid off and today, AMS is widely acknowledged as the pioneer and the leader in the segment of consulting with the Government organizations.

The promoters had realized that with the opening up of the economy and the information revolution, the people would start demanding more efficient systems in Government at all levels. This would create a plethora of opportunities for introducing modern management techniques in Government systems. They could not have been more right. The demand for our services is growing by leaps and bounds, day by day. Their vision continues to inspire us to remain focused on the Government clients.